1.  Treat Others With Respect

 2.  Take Care of the Gym and Equipment

 3.  Do Your Best

      Physical Education should be a place where students feel safe to challenge themselves both physically and mentally.  In my class I often ask students to perform tasks that they may not have  done before, or that they are not “good” at.  That’s why I’m here.  I have 6 years, from kindergarten to 5th grade, to teach my students the basic skills and knowledge needed to lead an active healthy lifestyle.

First and foremost students are expected to treat everyone including themselves with respect.  We cannot accomplish what needs to be done without working together.  I take a great deal of pride in the program I have developed here at Inez.  One of the cornerstones of my program is our gym.  I expect students to help me take care of it and its contents, the equipment.  And last of all, if we don’t expect our children to perform at their best on that particular day, then why are we here.  If a student’s best is sitting and watching due to illness, that is OK, but I will expect that student to still pay attention to instruction.


Students typically want to participate in my class, so discipline is usually not too difficult.

Offense 1:  I will walk over to a student and attempt to redirect.

Offense 2:  The student will be asked to sit by the “Purple Wall”.  Because the student is still in the class room I will usually let the student participate within a minute or two.

Offense 3:  The student will be asked to sit in the lobby of the gym.  Typically while the other students are active I will go out and speak to the student.  At this point I will evaluate if the student will rejoin her class or not.

If a student is consistently getting in trouble, the student will not be allowed to participate in P.E.  some times this means the student stays in class and does not come to P.E. other times the student may sit in the lobby of the gym during his class time.

In the rare case that a student intentionally hurts another student the student will receive a behavior ticket and need to speak with the principal.

A Student’s grade will be affected both positively and negatively by behavior.  Standard 5 of the New Mexico State P.E. Standards.

-Mr. Anderson