Every year I go into the school year with a goal in mind.  Some years the goal is to teach a specific, new activity, some years, like last year, the goal is to fund raise and write grants to purchase new equipment, last year we purchased Roller Blades.  This year my goal is to provide our kids with opportunities to develop “Grit”.  The best definition of Grit that I have found is “The Power of Passion and Perseverance”, passionate persistence.  Grit, even more than talent is a key determining factor of future success.  “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”, thanks Suzanne!


So how do we teach Grit? From the bit of research that I have read this summer, there doesn’t seem to be a one size fits all curriculum for teaching children Grit.  It has to be modeled by the adults.  Mistakes are not failures and asking for help is not weakness, it’s a great strength.  Grit has to be felt through the process of falling down and getting back up.  As parents and teachers, we have to teach our students to make mistakes gracefully, take their lumps and continue moving forward towards that which they believe to be important.  Don’t give them the answers, guide them towards finding the answers on their own. Once they learn to apply Grit to one part of their lives it is easily transferable to future endeavors.  We want our children to believe that they are in control of their own ability to achieve, regardless of innate talent.  It’s all about their Effort and Attitude!!


In 22 years, I can’t remember  being more excited about starting a school year than this year.  We have a fresh start with Ms. Casey as our Principal, we have hard working passionate teachers ready to go, and amazing student ready to give their all.  Let’s make this year a great school year.


Fly High!!