I can still vividly remember the day.  I was up earlier than the girls and Ms. Caine.  As I do every morning, I turned on the tv to watch the morning news as I cook breakfast.  There was a fire in one of the twin towers.  I stopped to watch closer.  The towers had always been the landmark that I first looked for every time my Mommy took me to New York as a kid, and that I sought out when I went to NYC as an adult.  A few years prior my brother and I went to the top of the towers.  New York, my Mommy’s home town, and my favorite place on Earth was being attacked.  I sat and watched.  Then the second plane hit the towers.  I couldn’t help but yell, waking everyone up.  It still brings tears to my eyes.  18 years later my hope is that we remember what happen.  I hope that we have the capacity to understand that hate and mistrust fueled this event, and that we all have the capacity to use hates antithesis to create a better world for our kids.

-Mr. Anderson