Name the Skeleton 2020!!

So it all began at the start of October. Bob the skeleton was born! His Mom was in a hospital bed waiting for the baby to come! His Dad was there too. Suddenly… all the doctors were rushing Mom down the hall!  3 hours later, Dad was told that he had a baby skeleton. He immediately rushed into the room and looked at it! The mom was crying.

The dad said, There is no difference between a human and a skeleton. The mom said “what there is a big difference!”. The dad didn’t want to argue. So he said we will have to take care of him, we can’t just abandon him!

So the mom said “ok”. But, if we are gonna go anywhere we are gonna have to name him. The dad said “alright, let’s get down to business!” So it took them a half an hour to figure out a name. They finally decided on… Bob! 

The dad texted Bob’s grandma and grandpa that they had a child named bob. Grandma and grandpa texted back “Terrific!”. They came back and then they got a better prize then what they expected. A skeleton!, named Bob! But the grandparents still cared and loved for Bob the skeleton.

Bob’s Childhood

Bob grew up so fast in a weird way. He was made fun of all through his Elementary school years. He got over it after he passed 3rd grade. So all through his childhood he was made fun of and stared at all the time. To make matters even worse his grandma and grandpa died when he was in 2nd grade.

So Bob has been having a hard life. He had some friends, one was named Jerry and one was named Tom. They thought that it was cool that he was a skeleton. Their parents didn’t care. So they grew up together and played all the time. Later on he found out that Jerry and Tom lived in Bob’s neighborhood.

So they played for hours, they had sleepovers, and went to the arcade. A lot. So that was what Bob’s childhood was like. So Bob had a good life.

Bob’s middle school days

Bob entered middle school. He was still friends with Jerry and Tom. Jerry went to Bob’s middle school but Tom went down the wrong path because of his parents being friends with a middle school teacher at another middle school. But they still played a lot.

So that is basically it for Bob’s middle school life.

Bob’s high school life

Bob worked hard through middle school even though he was just a skeleton. And yet Jerry and Tom were still his friends. So they hung out together. Yet the best part was that they were all in the same class. They’re teacher said that they should start thinking about what they wanted to be when they grow up. Bob said that he wanted to be an architect. Jerry said that he wanted to work at Whataburger, finally Tom said that he wanted to work at a cereal factory. Then all of his other people in his class said “I don’t know”. Bob thought that those people in his class were crazy.

So then it all happened. They did the jobs that they said that they wanted. Jerry and Tom had kinda weird jobs, but they still did it.         







-written by Jackson DavisOctober 13th 2020

This is what I think the skeleton’s name should be. If you didn’t read what I thought that it should be, I think that the skeleton’s name should be “Bob!”

-That is what my opinion is on what the skeleton’s name should be.